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Finally, I took some time off from being lazy and decided to organize my Pinterest account. Not that people who do not know what Pinterest is exist, but if you do – here’s what it is. Get on it! It only makes life so much more colorful,pictorial and beautiful ❤

I am trying to set up my account and here’s what it looks like so far. My channel will pin DIY, hacks, home decor, quotes, animals, art and so on.. you get the drift.
Please comment below and share boards and categories I must follow/check out. Would appreciate if you could leave your Pinterest account links below as I would love to see your pins.

*Cliché alert* – Please do follow me if you like what you see or share similar interest(s).

Happy pinning!
Bee :*


Ever imagined if Monday was called Friday and Friday… Monday? The world would be hating on Friday and how! Sounds blasphemous, right?

Chill out.

It’s legit to feel lazy and hit the snooze button a hundred times to avoid going to work and it is absolutely okay to send in a mail at 8:30 am excusing yourself for running late due to sudden made up bank work. It is fine. Everyone does that, including your boss.

It’s only fair to feel that way after having a smashing weekend, indulging in things you love. But that’s that. Stop dreading. Don’t push it. Relax. Breathe.

I think Mondays are overhyped. It’s really not that bad at  Someone said, take 3 deep breaths and the solution to any situation would come easier.

The same way, Monday is the day for solutions. You take 3 deep beautiful breaths (read Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to only come out stronger, focused and wiser on a Monday.

If anything, Monday should make you feel good. It’s when you are most dedicated and focused due to work pressure or just to resume where you paused last week. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel good to complete the incomplete and take another stressor off my plate.

Treat it like a new day (like any other) and feel your perspective towards life and Monday change. Let’s get rolling, shall we?

Comment below and join me in breaking the stereotype.
To Monday 🍻

Love 🐝

Ek Cutting!

I am not a tea person. Just no. However, recently I was hanging out with a friend who is  a tea lover and most of our chill sessions happen at the tea-stall during work hours.

Let me tell you, I absolutely adore tea glasses that look like the one above and think they are crafted really well. They manage to look edgy and cute at the same time. Self sufficient you, you little glass. Hmm.

I happened to own a tea glass like this one and decided to do something with it for a friend who was in a desperate need of some work-station decor. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Get a glass.
Step 1: Get a glass.

Step 1: Get a glass. This could be any glass you think can work as a showpiece or a utility stand/holder. You could either choose from glasses you own or could just buy one from a utensil shop/DMart (they don’t cost more than Rs 17- 20 each, some even cheaper).

Step 2: paint it.
Step 2: paint it.

Step 2: Paint. Choose the color you want the glass to be painted in. I chose black, cause let’s be real, it just saves the day! Make sure to paint your glass from the inside as that helps the paint to stay longer and dust free and also avoids chipping. You could glass paint or acrylic paint.

Step 3: Pimp it.
Step 3: Pimp it.

Step 3: Pimp it. I have written ‘Pen Stand’ in Hindi to add an element to this stationary holder. You could write absolutely anything from lyrics to a favorite word or even a message. I did not use a stencil for the text cause I wanted to give it an amateur and unfinished look. This also makes it look hand-made, which is why I avoided using a print out or a stencil.

Step 4: Accessorize it.
Step 4: Accessorize it.

Step 4: It’s time to suit up! Go ahead, add your favorite stationary to this glass.Fancy pens, colorful pencils, funky erasers and some highlighters – they all compliment this little darling.

Tip: If you want the paint inside to stay longer and bruise free, add a little varnish to this piece.

It took me nothing more than 15 minutes to make this super easy and fun stationary stand for my work station. Here’s what the final product looks like adding another reason to why I love my work-station:

My workstation.
My workstation.

I made one of these for my boyfriend and he seems to have loved it. You could make this for a friend for his/her first job or for your sibling for their study table with some motivational quotes on it.

I really hope you liked this. Comment below and tell me what you think of it, your feedback is highly appreciated. I’d love to see what you make out of this idea so please do share pictures soon!


Who run the world!

Well well well, this by far is my most favorite dance video. This was back in 2013 when I got back to dancing after a 6 month long break. There’s something breaks have made me realize, that you only get back being better at what you love doing. Taking a break helps you find yourself and makes you realize what you love and why. It’s more like what you call soul searching, I guess.

Anyway, so this is the choreography I’ve been meaning to share with you guys.
P.S: I am the girl in the black tee and blue tracks.

Choreographed by Dhiraj Bakshi
Dancers: Mrigakshi Jaiswal, Afia Modak and Devanshi Vaishnav.
Filmed and edited by Dhiraj Bakshi.

Waddya think? Comment below and tell me, I love compliments!


Denim game on point.

*Cue music: Purani jeans* (don’t know why, just cue).

That’s me at work. Image Credit: Sapna

Whoever introduced the classic blue denim and white tee combination, whoever you are, take a bow. So like every morning, I was facing trouble in deciding what to wear to work. While I wanted to try looking classy (just being modest), I also wanted to put on something that could fit all my attire needs. Like, make a hair bun without having to worry if it matches the attire or no. Yeaaah, that.

After a lot of struggle and trials I finally found this really old denim jacket I think I might have picked up from Colaba Causeway for Rs. 350/-. Paired with a classic white tee and blue denim jeans and shoes from Lavie, this is what I managed to look like:

Image Credit: Sapna
Image Credit: Sapna

Having said all of it, denim on denim can most of the times go wrong. If you’re going all denim, make sure to go a shade lighter either on the blouse or pants. Oxidized accessories can always save the day. Complete your attire with earrings, a neck piece or even a lot of rings. It’s always good to add a slight belt tease. Depending on your personal choice, keep it brown or black.

Which is your favorite color combination? Comment below and tell me or you could also leave some fashion tips 🙂


Everything at once.

Trust me when I say, nothing, absolutely nothing can make me happier than small objects. I have an obsession with mini objects (that explains my height). Mini burgers, mini tarts, mini cupcakes, mini donuts and mini cooper. Just kidding! (No.)

Anyway, so I thought I should help you know me better and list 25 things that make me super happy! So, shall we shimmy into it?

1.Shoe laces
2. Gummy bears

4. Lots and lots and lots of fancy stationary
5. Coffee mugs
6. Fancy spoons, actually anything to do with cutlery
collage spoon
7. Printed socks
collage sock
8. Crayons
9. Geometrical shapes
10. Printed photographs
11. Anything that has a paw print on it
12. Fancy fragrance bottles
perfume bottle
13. All types of storage boxes, especially the real tiny ones
14. Keys (yes, it’s true. Preference: Vintage key)
15. Top (the spinning top)
16. Vintage train tickets
train ticket
17. Swipe cards (movie cards, shopping cards, game cards)
18. Matchsticks (I love burning matchsticks. Yes, I am weird.)
19. I love PLUTO.
20. Video games (I still own one. Favorite games: Contra, Mario and Snow Brothers)
21. Coin pouch
22. Empty alcohol bottles (At first filled and then I empty them :P)
alcohol bottle
23. Month/Season names
24. Gumboots or boots
25. Small hands

There’s so much more to this but let’s save that for later. Things typed above are not placed in order of preference.

I am equally excited to know what makes you happy 😀 Go ahead, comment below and let me know your most favorite things 🙂


Numbers that I live by! If anything you must know about me is that I am a person highly inspired by movement. I was exposed to Dance as an art form right from the time I aged enough to understand music and beats. Apart from motivators from the field, it’s my father I’d credit for being there every time I returned home with a bruised knee and push me further to bruise the other.

We now have a fair exposure to a lot of dance styles and dance schools that teach us these styles here in MumbaiJazz Funk being my most favorite, I also enjoy styles like Jazz ( any type), Ballet, Urban Hip Hop and to a certain extent Indian Classical.

Here, a picture of me from the time when it all began! Well,almost.

bottom row- third from the right!
bottom row- third from the right!