Do It Yourself

Throw away nothing. The smallest objects and unused products you own will save your life on a rainy day.

Take 60 seconds, look around. Chances are you will find at least 2 out of 5 products just laying there that you think are ‘good-for-nothing’. Firstly, that’s mean and highly judgmental of you. Everyone and everything is good for something. For example, being good for nothing also takes a lot! So that’s something, right? Eh, moving on.

So, in this segment I will show you a step by step process of creating some really fun things out of objects as random as they could get. No, I am not a professional in this field yet, but I’d like to be one someday. Cause you know, I like me some creativity!

Please note, the projects published in this segment may/may not be original. I am a big fan of the digital space when it comes to learning. Hence projects showcased here will be an amalgamation of my ideas (always) + an inspired technique (not in all cases).

Creativity beckons you. Get your backpack ready, son!


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