Denim game on point.

*Cue music: Purani jeans* (don’t know why, just cue).

That’s me at work. Image Credit: Sapna

Whoever introduced the classic blue denim and white tee combination, whoever you are, take a bow. So like every morning, I was facing trouble in deciding what to wear to work. While I wanted to try looking classy (just being modest), I also wanted to put on something that could fit all my attire needs. Like, make a hair bun without having to worry if it matches the attire or no. Yeaaah, that.

After a lot of struggle and trials I finally found this really old denim jacket I think I might have picked up from Colaba Causeway for Rs. 350/-. Paired with a classic white tee and blue denim jeans and shoes from Lavie, this is what I managed to look like:

Image Credit: Sapna
Image Credit: Sapna

Having said all of it, denim on denim can most of the times go wrong. If you’re going all denim, make sure to go a shade lighter either on the blouse or pants. Oxidized accessories can always save the day. Complete your attire with earrings, a neck piece or even a lot of rings. It’s always good to add a slight belt tease. Depending on your personal choice, keep it brown or black.

Which is your favorite color combination? Comment below and tell me or you could also leave some fashion tips 🙂



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