Ek Cutting!

I am not a tea person. Just no. However, recently I was hanging out with a friend who is  a tea lover and most of our chill sessions happen at the tea-stall during work hours.

Let me tell you, I absolutely adore tea glasses that look like the one above and think they are crafted really well. They manage to look edgy and cute at the same time. Self sufficient you, you little glass. Hmm.

I happened to own a tea glass like this one and decided to do something with it for a friend who was in a desperate need of some work-station decor. Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Get a glass.
Step 1: Get a glass.

Step 1: Get a glass. This could be any glass you think can work as a showpiece or a utility stand/holder. You could either choose from glasses you own or could just buy one from a utensil shop/DMart (they don’t cost more than Rs 17- 20 each, some even cheaper).

Step 2: paint it.
Step 2: paint it.

Step 2: Paint. Choose the color you want the glass to be painted in. I chose black, cause let’s be real, it just saves the day! Make sure to paint your glass from the inside as that helps the paint to stay longer and dust free and also avoids chipping. You could glass paint or acrylic paint.

Step 3: Pimp it.
Step 3: Pimp it.

Step 3: Pimp it. I have written ‘Pen Stand’ in Hindi to add an element to this stationary holder. You could write absolutely anything from lyrics to a favorite word or even a message. I did not use a stencil for the text cause I wanted to give it an amateur and unfinished look. This also makes it look hand-made, which is why I avoided using a print out or a stencil.

Step 4: Accessorize it.
Step 4: Accessorize it.

Step 4: It’s time to suit up! Go ahead, add your favorite stationary to this glass.Fancy pens, colorful pencils, funky erasers and some highlighters – they all compliment this little darling.

Tip: If you want the paint inside to stay longer and bruise free, add a little varnish to this piece.

It took me nothing more than 15 minutes to make this super easy and fun stationary stand for my work station. Here’s what the final product looks like adding another reason to why I love my work-station:

My workstation.
My workstation.

I made one of these for my boyfriend and he seems to have loved it. You could make this for a friend for his/her first job or for your sibling for their study table with some motivational quotes on it.

I really hope you liked this. Comment below and tell me what you think of it, your feedback is highly appreciated. I’d love to see what you make out of this idea so please do share pictures soon!



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