Ever imagined if Monday was called Friday and Friday… Monday? The world would be hating on Friday and how! Sounds blasphemous, right?

Chill out.

It’s legit to feel lazy and hit the snooze button a hundred times to avoid going to work and it is absolutely okay to send in a mail at 8:30 am excusing yourself for running late due to sudden made up bank work. It is fine. Everyone does that, including your boss.

It’s only fair to feel that way after having a smashing weekend, indulging in things you love. But that’s that. Stop dreading. Don’t push it. Relax. Breathe.

I think Mondays are overhyped. It’s really not that bad at  Someone said, take 3 deep breaths and the solution to any situation would come easier.

The same way, Monday is the day for solutions. You take 3 deep beautiful breaths (read Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to only come out stronger, focused and wiser on a Monday.

If anything, Monday should make you feel good. It’s when you are most dedicated and focused due to work pressure or just to resume where you paused last week. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel good to complete the incomplete and take another stressor off my plate.

Treat it like a new day (like any other) and feel your perspective towards life and Monday change. Let’s get rolling, shall we?

Comment below and join me in breaking the stereotype.
To Monday 🍻

Love 🐝


10 thoughts on “#TGIM

  1. What an awesome thought.
    I m sorry monday (as I m already late to work :p )
    Next Monday would start on a positive note, jus like any other day.



  2. While I am really tired and would rather be in bed, Mondays feel better than Wednesdays. At least I know I have a full week to get work done vs. getting towards the middle of the week and wondering if I’ll finish everything in time.

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    1. That’s the way. It’s amusing how we fall prey to the stereotype without having an understanding of our own (in most cases) whereas we always look forward to changes, new things, new days and everything new.


  3. i like mondays.. i like the new start to a new week, all the possibilities ahead, back to the work/school routine and so on. that always made me come across as a bit weird, but hey, that’s ok too! glad to know that others look forward to mondays as well 🙂

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