Who run the world!

Well well well, this by far is my most favorite dance video. This was back in 2013 when I got back to dancing after a 6 month long break. There’s something breaks have made me realize, that you only get back being better at what you love doing. Taking a break helps you find yourself and makes you realize what you love and why. It’s more like what you call soul searching, I guess.

Anyway, so this is the choreography I’ve been meaning to share with you guys.
P.S: I am the girl in the black tee and blue tracks.

Choreographed by Dhiraj Bakshi
Dancers: Mrigakshi Jaiswal, Afia Modak and Devanshi Vaishnav.
Filmed and edited by Dhiraj Bakshi.

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Numbers that I live by! If anything you must know about me is that I am a person highly inspired by movement. I was exposed to Dance as an art form right from the time I aged enough to understand music and beats. Apart from motivators from the field, it’s my father I’d credit for being there every time I returned home with a bruised knee and push me further to bruise the other.

We now have a fair exposure to a lot of dance styles and dance schools that teach us these styles here in MumbaiJazz Funk being my most favorite, I also enjoy styles like Jazz ( any type), Ballet, Urban Hip Hop and to a certain extent Indian Classical.

Here, a picture of me from the time when it all began! Well,almost.

bottom row- third from the right!
bottom row- third from the right!