Do It Yourself

Throw away nothing. The smallest objects and unused products you own will save your life on a rainy day.

Take 60 seconds, look around. Chances are you will find at least 2 out of 5 products just laying there that you think are ‘good-for-nothing’. Firstly, that’s mean and highly judgmental of you. Everyone and everything is good for something. For example, being good for nothing also takes a lot! So that’s something, right? Eh, moving on.

So, in this segment I will show you a step by step process of creating some really fun things out of objects as random as they could get. No, I am not a professional in this field yet, but I’d like to be one someday. Cause you know, I like me some creativity!

Please note, the projects published in this segment may/may not be original. I am a big fan of the digital space when it comes to learning. Hence projects showcased here will be an amalgamation of my ideas (always) + an inspired technique (not in all cases).

Creativity beckons you. Get your backpack ready, son!


Lifestyle and Nightlife Recommendations

Don’t know about a man, but the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach.

Munchkins, prepare yourselves for a segment full of food and lifestyle that will feature places one must or mustn’t visit (for now, Mumbai only), special chef menu, things to do while your company for the evening has made you wait, workshops, creative classes and things like that.

Meanwhile, make way for a supplement segment that will show you how one can live a pocket friendly Paisa Vasool life in Mumbai, where living is so expensive.